Step Out or Step Up

Lately I’ve been on a soul searching quest to follow my passion. This crusade has forced me to answer some challenging questions. And just when I think I have things figured out, something comes along to alter my thinking. For some time now I’ve felt that remaining in my current work situation will only serve to disappoint and keep me from fulfilling myself creatively. Leaving my current school district has been something that I have thought about for quite some time. In fact, leaving the teaching profession altogether has been something I have been struggling with for months.

Yesterday in church, my pastor’s message challenged this thinking. He spoke about leadership and one’s courage to lead in the face of adversity. He asked us to think about what it takes to remain where we are, and to lead from where we are. He asked how close we come to our vision before we run in fear because we are afraid.

It does take courage and strength to lead, to bring about change. It takes risk. Leadership begs the question -am I qualified enough?

This in turn forced me to ask these same questions of myself. If I so desperately want change in my district, why am I not fighting for it?Many of the leaders that I have come to respect through social media have advised me to be that one voice of change. My response has been to laugh and look for an external fix. Perhaps I should be looking inward. Is my desire to leave based on fear? Do I lack bravery? Can I step up even when I am afraid?

Yesterday’s message is weighing heavy on my mind. How many ordinary people are willing to change things right where they are? How many ordinary people are willing to be brave? How many ideas are dying all the time that could change the world, because people are not ready to step up?