Is the measure of a successful life one without regrets? Is there really such a thing? We all have hopes, dreams, desires and goals. And while we may work really hard to turn them into reality, do we always succeed? Sometimes, aren’t there obstacles that make it impossible for our wishes to come to fruition? Does this in turn mean we have not lived fully?

I have a few regrets in the life I’ve lived thus far. Presently I am struggling with a huge one. Despite how badly I desired this event to transpire, there were obstacles that got in the way. Looking back, the choices I made, or failed to make, are weighing heavy on my heart. Looking back, the path that would have led me there now seems so clear. In that moment however, the path was muddled, scary, and seemingly out of reach.

So tonight I am left with feelings of sadness, self doubt, and yes, regret. I cannot keep my mind from thinking about what might have been. And it makes me think about these obstacles that get in the way. Are they obstacles that we ourselves create? Why would we intentionally sabotage our deepest desires? Why would we set up roadblocks instead of living out the life we really want? Do these roadblocks serve a purpose? Do they appear to show you a different path for your next journey? I wish I had the answers to these questions. I think most of us live with regrets, some more than others. Knowing we can’t go back, I guess we just move forward and learn from the bumps along the way. I’m not sure anyone can live a life free of regret. I would like to hope that a successful life is NOT one measured by regret, but instead in the way we handle ourselves when these obstacles do get in our way.



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