The End?

In a mere seven days my colleagues and I will close our classroom doors one final time as we head off for summer vacation. Most teachers are exhausted at this time of the year, and will do very little school thinking in the upcoming weeks. Like my colleagues, I look to the summer as a time to reflect and recharge. However, unlike my colleagues I have spent the past few months developing my PLN in order to find like minded educators who support 21st century learning. Through various edchats, I have had the fortune of conversing with so many truly inspiring professionals who have been nothing but supportive of me. I know many can attest to the fact that the BEST professional development is found on Twitter. I am so grateful to everyone who has shared their ideas, methods, and expertise with me.

However, with all that I have gleaned comes a feeling of unrest. While I know that most of my colleagues are winding down, I feel as though I’m just getting started. Starting on a new adventure as I reflect on this past year and think about all the changes that I want to implement in the upcoming school year. Two books sit by my bedside ready to help me dissect the best ways to implement Genius Hour. My ticket to EdCampBoston in July sits next to these books. Numerous tech platforms / apps await my perusal. Multiple edchats will beckon me – even on Saturday mornings.

So, yes I have seven days left of this current school year. However, for the first time in my career as an educator, this ending feels like a beginning…