Summergirl through and through

I’m convinced that I’m residing in the wrong part of the country. I’m not made for the cold. I’m a summer girl through and through. My body responds quite adversely when the temperature drops below 65 degrees. Every year as the summer comes to an end, and the nights grow colder, my extremities rebel. My fingers and toes turn blue, and I’m constantly feeling chilled. This usually lasts until the heat of the summer can thaw me enough so that socks and sweatshirts aren’t required attire. Sometimes this thaw occurs in June, but lately it seems that I can’t fully defrost until July.

As the weather begins to warm up here in the Northeast, I feel the summer calling to me. My flip flops beckon to me from the storage bins in my closet. Like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar, I am slowly beginning to find my way out of my winter cocoon. Little by little I am shedding the trappings of winter and looking forward to the rebirth that summer brings to me both mentally and physically.


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